In-Person - June 8-11 2022!

Join us in L.A. June 8-11th, 2022 for our first in-person Breathe Course since 2020. We can't wait to see you all in Los Angeles for a dynamic learning experience packed with the latest updates on research and protocols from Dr. Zaghi and the Breathe Institute Team. Submit below for more info as soon as registration becomes available!


A dynamic learning experience covering the Research, Clinical Protocols, Diagnostics, and Management of Sleep Disorder Breathing & Tongue-Tie Disorders.

Our courses continually evolve in response to three main stimuli:

1) New understandings gained through research and clinical experience,
2) Input from participants,
3) Observations of our own team.
If you've  taken the Breathe Course before, here are the main changes that you can expect this time around:
a) Enhanced on-demand content.
16+ hours of our foundational content has been moved into the 'pre-recorded lectures' section in order to open up more live-time for the latest updates to our protocols and paradigm.
b) Prolonged access to resources and content.
We have extended the duration that you will have access to pre-recorded course materials to 1 year.
c) More convenient schedule.
With more of the foundational content shifted to on-demand, pre-viewing, you can learn at your own pace. Also, we were able to condense the course into 3 dynamic days of live course sessions, over 1 weekend. (rather than 5 days over 3 weekends as before).
  • 16 hours of live lecture with Dr. Soroush Zaghi,
  • 8 hours of discussion with Dr. Zaghi and the TBI team,
  • 6 hours of online workshops with the TBI team including myofunctional therapy, suture training, and practice management.

This live-streamed course delves into the research on, impacts/diagnosis of and treatment options for tethered oral tissues and sleep disordered breathing in children and adults. Plus new content on innate immunity and best practices in telemedicine.

We look forward to carrying onward alongside you all to further revolutionize the standards of care in sleep, airway, and overall health!

  • A Functional Approach To Sleep & Breathing,
  • Interpretation Of Sleep Studies & Other Diagnostic Modalities,
  • Integration Of Interdisciplinary Approaches,
  • Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing & Maxillofacial Development,
  • The Importance Of Nasal Breathing,
  • Treatment Options & Brief History Of Clinical/Case Studies.
  • The Autonomic Nervous System,
  • Guided Meditation,
  • Medication Management & CPAP,
  • Sleep Hygiene,
  • Myofunctional Therapy Overview,
  • Pre and Post-Op Care,
  • Practice Management Resources,
  • Best Practices In Telemedicine,
  • Patient Experience Cultivation,
  • Case Study Reviews,
  • Tongue-Tie Assessment In Children & Adults,
  • Identifying Compensations For Tongue-Tie,
  • Surgical Techniques Using Scissors, Suture, and Laser,
  • Identifying The Endpoints of Release,
  • The Aftercare Process,
  • Surgical Walkthroughs,
  • Intro To Suture Techniques,
  • Managing Complications,
  • Lip and Buccal Ties,
  • Much More...

June, 2022 (In Person):
8th - 11th  (in Los Angeles)

August, 2022 online session:
18th : Intro, pre-course (~2 hrs)
19th - 21st : Lecture (Full Days)
25th : Practice Mgmt and Q&A (~2 hrs)

November, 2022 online session:
10th : Intro, pre-course (~2 hrs)
11th - 13th : Lecture (Full Days)
17th : Practice Mgmt and Q&A (~2 hrs)

Aug 18th | 5:30PM - 07:00PM

Aug 19-21st | 08:00AM - 05:00PM

Aug 25th | 05:00PM - 07:00PM

$1,747 | Allied Professionals

$2,495 | Physicians

This course is packed with all new material on the latest in research, the newest advancements, clinical protocols, precision diagnostics, and innate immunity and the impact of nasal breathing and sleep apnea on our susceptibility to viral infections and immunologic function, as well as best practices in telemedicine.” Change away from viral infections and immunology function. To tongue tie, tone, space.


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