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Breathe Baby Course: Online
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The Breathe Course: ONLINE


  • 16 hours of live lecture with Dr. Soroush Zaghi,
  • 8 hours of discussion with Dr. Zaghi and the TBI team,
  • 6 hours of online workshops with the TBI team including myofunctional therapy, suture training, and practice management.

This 5-day, live-streamed course delves into the research on, impacts/diagnosis of and treatment options for tethered oral tissues and sleep disordered breathing in children and adults. Plus new content on innate immunity and best practices in telemedicine.


  • A Functional Approach To Sleep & Breathing,
  • Interpretation Of Sleep Studies & Other Diagnostic Modalities,
  • Integration Of Interdisciplinary Approaches,
  • Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing & Maxillofacial Development,
  • The Importance Of Nasal Breathing,
  • Treatment Options & Brief History Of Clinical/Case Studies.
  • The Autonomic Nervous System,
  • Guided Meditation,
  • Medication Management & CPAP,
  • Sleep Hygiene,
  • Myofunctional Therapy Overview,
  • Pre and Post-Op Care,
  • Practice Management Resources,
  • Best Practices In Telemedicine,
  • Patient Experience Cultivation,
  • Case Study Reviews,
  • Tongue-Tie Assessment In Children & Adults,
  • Identifying Compensations For Tongue-Tie,
  • Surgical Techniques Using Scissors, Suture, and Laser,
  • Identifying The Endpoints of Release,
  • The Aftercare Process,
  • Surgical Walkthroughs,
  • Intro To Suture Techniques,
  • Managing Complications,
  • Lip and Buccal Ties,
  • Much More...

July / August, 2021:
July 23rd - 24th, 31st, August 6th-7th

October, 2021:
1st-2nd, 9th, 15th-16th

December, 2021:
3rd - 4th, 11th - 17th-18th

Feb-Mar, 2022:
Feb. 18th-19th, 26th, Mar. 4th-5th

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MD, DDS, DMD, ENT, etc...

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Allied Professionals


RDH, Myo, SLP, CT, PT, IBCLC, etc...

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Breathe Baby Course: ONLINE

To keep up the momentum around education and support of the airway, sleep medicine and health as a whole; We are excited to Collaborate with Dr. Chelsea Pinto to offer this opportunity to continue your professional development, without having to travel (saving time and money), while gaining critical information and content at a slower pace than at our in-person courses.

Be a part of the discussion:

  • Impact of Tongue-ties
  • How to Effectively Communicate with and Empower Parents
  • Treatment Variables
  • The Power of a Team Approach
  • Tongue Function
  • In Office Assessment
  • Expectations & Frustrations
  • The Aftercare Process
  • And much more!

To keep up the momentum around education and support of the airway, sleep medicine and health as a whole; we are excited to announce our new Online Breathe Baby Course, led by Dr. Chelsea Pinto!

Live-streaming has proven to be an excellent way for providers to continue their professional development without having to travel (saving time and money), while gaining critical information and content at a slower pace than at our in-person courses.

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DDS, MD, etc

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Allied Professionals



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Myo Masterminds

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The Breathe Outlook - Research Initiative

This program celebrates the collective efforts of faculty, staff, healthcare providers, and professionals in sharing the impact of their research, while exploring new perspectives and forging collaborative partnerships. Attendees have an opportunity to present their own research and findings, hopefully catalyzing new research and discovery. ​ As a strategic partner of AAPMD, The Breathe institute provides essential support for the Collaboration Cures Summit, by dedicating this full day program to sharing and collaborating on research with the goal of helping to establish and maintain important connections within the airway/health community. ​ Registered attendees will be presented with numerous opportunities to participate and present their own ideas and paradigms through the Breathe Outlook Collaborative Research Platform!


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