$2,995.00 USD

Back 2 School = Breathe Course + Deep Dive - 2023

As a Breathe Ambassador, your dedication to excellence and passion for advancing your craft continues to humble and honor us.

This is what has inspired us to offer the Back 2 School = FWD 2 Learning promo!

We strive to make continuous learning accessible, to ensure that we are able to help practices and professionals stay harmonized with the forefront of research, clinical protocols, diagnostics, and management of sleep disordered breathing & tongue-ties.

We sincerely believe that this pairing of curricula offers a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered and a high level opportunity to refine your skills, and study surgical technique/decision making through access to the following:

    • Breathe Course On-Demand (90 days open access): The On-Demand iteration of our foundational online Breathe Course. Expand and rebuff your knowledge related to the airway, sleep, breathing, orofacial myofunctional therapy, functional frenuloplasty, health, growth & development. 

    •  3-Month Surgical Case Deep Dive: In this on-demand series Dr. Zaghi and learn through his commentary as he dissects over two-dozen functional frenuloplasty cases, step-by-step from presentation to resolution.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to REFRESH, RENEW and RELEARN for the Promotional Tuition of $2,995.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to secure your access to The Breathe Course Online + Deep Dive Surgery Series.

We look forward to being a continuing part of your adventures in continuing education!